Pascal's triangle is a triangular array of binomial coefficients. It is named after the french mathematician Blaise Pascal and first published in 1665. Pascal used his triangle to solve problems in probability. The triangle is constructed of rows starting with row 0 on top with the number 1. Row 2 adds the number above it to the number to its direct left (in this case, 0) to leave 1, then the one above is added to the 0 to the direct right. Row 3 adds the one above and the 0 to the left for 1, then the 1 above to the 1 on the left for 2, then the 1 above to the 0 at the right for 1. Thus row 3 is 1,2,1. The next row (row 4) would then be 1,3,3,1 and so on. There are many ways to use the triangle, some of which make interesting patterns. In this version, the numbers divisible by 2 have been colored in, creating a fractal Sierpinski triangle.

This pattern was hand designed by a professional artist/crafts person
Finished size is approximately 8" wide x 9" high when worked on 14 count fabric (112 x 123 stitches) The image is composed of 3 colors. It can be stitched with or without the numbers and/or the title. THIS IS NOT A KIT.

Each pattern contains:

* Color picture of the finished image
* Pattern in black and white symbols on several pages
* Floss list in your choice of DMC, Anchor or Madeira
(if DMC is NOT wanted, specify preference when ordering)
* Full stitch count
* Floss use yardage

Design contains some many fractional stitches and backstitches, appropriate for an intermediate stitcher. Pattern may be worked on different count fabric which will result in a different sized finished product.

Pattern will be emailed as a PDF within 24 hours after receipt of cleared payment.

All cross stitch patterns are copyright Robin Hobbs and are for personal use only. Reselling or redistributing patterns in any way is prohibited, unless given written permission by designer. Although, one finished work from my pattern is yours to do with as you please.

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Pascal's Triangle Mod 2 Cross Stitch Pattern PDF

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